SAY Cure Services

SAY Global firmly believes in enhancing mental health of the people. The technological advancements have made it easier to expand this noble cause. SAY Cure Services is one of such kind attempt. It is envisioned to provide psychotherapy sessions to people in search of relief from the sufferings of mental health issues. These sessions are given by the team of Clinical Psychologist and Speech Therapists. It is your choice to seek either one-to-one session at clinic/hospital settings or at home via using any communication app on internet (for example: Whatsapp/Skype/Zoom etc). The ultimate goal of this project is to provide extensive psychotherapy sessions at affordable costs to enhance the well-being.

Speech Therapy Services

Individual Speech Therapy:

It is performed under the guidance of experienced speech therapist. One to one sessions with Speech Therapist face to face or online.

Group SpeechTherapy:
For the First Time in Pakistan, PSF introduces the concept of extensive group speech therapy for stammering. This is course of stuttering management, its related mental health issues are addressed and work is done on behavioral change management. This course is conducted by experienced Speech Therapists and Certified Clinical Psychologists.

Psych Community Services

This program is aimed to provide quality mental health services in an affordable fee to those individuals who cannot bear the cost of private consultancy. We offer services to individuals (children & adults) with any kind of psychological or behavioral problems. The therapeutic sessions are conducted once or twice a week depending upon the need of client and availability of professional. SAY Global also facilitates community by giving both in-person and online therapy sessions.

My Support Group Program

SAY Global proudly announced the Pakistan’s first support group program for those who are undergoing physical or psychological treatments of major health issues like Diabetes and Major Depression etc. It is solely functioned to provide an emotional catharsis platform to share one’s true feelings with people who shared common physical/psychological health problems. The group is comprised of 4-7 members and moderated by mental health professionals. Two sessions will be held in every month.


We organize workshops and training programs for increasing employees productivity, their professional and personal grooming. Managing workplace conflict, stress handling, effective interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, Critical Incidents of trauma, work place bullying etc. Even if your consulting needs are not on this list, do not hesitate to call us so that we may answer your questions and direct you to the appropriate services.

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