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For nonprofit organizations, volunteers are the developmental key. Usually nonprofits have scarcity of resources. Here come the volunteers for help and support in the financial domain and provided workforce and services to keep the work going on. SAY Global's – “Global Volunteer Network” is a unique network of volunteer students and professionals who are part of this network. The interested candidates inducted as volunteers who got training in different domains during their volunteering. This not only helps them to gain practical experience but also to train them in building a better society and become a responsible citizen.

Volunteering Opportunity

SAY Global Foundation  is working for the betterment of society. Its aim is to work on those domains and sectors which are still neglected and need improvement in our community. Our aim is to make each individual self sufficient and also capable to help others for society betterment. Currently we are working with people having speech impediments  and individuals with mental health issues. We are also providing training to the students and volunteers which enable them to work more effectively in our society

Currently we require 3 graphic designers and one WordPress developer as volunteer.


Graphic designing (Photoshop, Illustrator, Coral Draw or another graphic designing software expertise)

Web development ( experience in WordPress website development and designing)


Graphic designers need to work on social media / awareness material / website designing

Web developer need to manage website and make time to time changes

At least 4 to 5 hours per week are required. If volunteers could manage more time for the cause that is a plus point.

This is virtual volunteer opportunity, so anyone can join from all around the globe.

This work requires volunteer to have laptops with require software to perform tasks

Tasks assign from time to time

This is a unpaid position

Duration is 4 months. After this time if volunteer want to serve more that could be arranged.

How to apply? Send email to with your resume. In subject mention graphic designer / web developer – Volunteer. OR fill the above JOIING FORM – . For more information about our causes visit


On successful completion of the task, volunteers will receive a certification from SAY Global Foundation.

Volunteers will also receive feedback on their performance to build their profiles.

*Please note that this event is virtual due to the current Pandemic Outbreak. Anyone can join us from around the world. Tasks will be performed according to GMT +5,  PST working hours.

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