Organizational Support Services

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Treatment or Counseling Services:


Employee Assistance Program

is a confidential psychological intervention service intended for employees experiencing difficult situations in their personal or professional lives. The EAP purpose is to contribute to the health and wellness of employees. Our Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) are specifically tailored to address respective organization’s needs, to address various employee and employer issues resulting from mental health challenges, including but not limited to:

When is an EAP advisable?

At times, employees may be facing difficulties that are having a negative impact on their work performance and their well-being in general. These difficulties are often personal in nature. These are the reasons most commonly given to access the EAP:

People can request access to the EAP for other personal reasons including stress management, sleeping disorders, crisis situations, bereavement, and problems related to the workplace. Individuals are encouraged to contact us so that we may answer their questions and direct them to the appropriate services

Psychological Assessment and Treatment

Say Global provides need based (individualized) psychological assessment and treatment to the concerned person by keeping all confidentiality.

Professional Coaching

Corporate coaching is a collaborative relationship between a coach and one or more clients who wish to improve their performance and foster their growth in the workplace. These clients occupy positions such as supervisor, executive, manager or business owner in an organization. Areas covered in Coaching but not limited to: