Mental Health Development Program

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MHDP of SAY Global has been covering following initiatives:


SAY Cure Services

SAY Global firmly believes in enhancing mental health of the people. The technological advancements have made it easier to expand this noble cause. SAY Cure Services is one of such kind attempt. It is envisioned to provide psychotherapy sessions to people in search of relief from the sufferings of mental health issues. These sessions are given by the team of Clinical Psychologist and Speech Therapists. It is your choice to seek either one-to-one session at clinic/hospital settings or at home via using any communication app on internet (for example: Whatsapp/Skype/Zoom etc). The ultimate goal of this project is to provide extensive psychotherapy sessions at affordable costs to enhance the well-being. It has been covering following department:

Child Training Department

Child Development Project is dealing with broad range of childhood disorders i.e. Neurodevelopmental Disorders covering Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Specific Learning Disorder and Motor Disorders. Along with these the assessment and management of Disruptive, Impulse Control, and Conduct Disorders is also done. This Department is equipped with psychometric tests and checklist for the purpose of assessment and diagnosis.Treatment Protocol: After extensive psychological assessment, the management plan will be devised as per the idiosyncratic needs of the client. In the process of management, client's family, teachers and school administration will also be kept in loop for best outcome and improving the prognosis.

Adult Training Department

Adult Training Departmentis to provide individual and group counseling as well as psychotherapy sessions to adults. It is functioned to provide psychological assessment and management of Depressive Related Disorders, Anxiety Related Disorders, Substance use and Addiction Related Disorders, Sexual and Paraphilia Related Disorders, Personality Related Disorders, Hypochondria Related Disorders, Sleep and Eating Related Disorders, Relationship Problems, and other behavioral problems. This department is proudly announced the provision of very first support group services in Pakistan which is named as My-Support Group.

My-Support Group Program

SAY Global proudly announced the Pakistan’s first support group program for those who are undergoing physical or psychological treatments of major health issues like Diabetes and Major Depression etc. It is solely functioned to provide an emotional catharsis platform to share one’s true feelings with people who shared common physical/psychological health problems. The group is comprised of 4-7 members and moderated by mental health professionals. Two sessions will be held in every month.

Psych-Community Services

This program is aimed to provide quality mental health services in an affordable fee to those individuals who cannot bear the cost of private consultancy. We offer services to individuals (children & adults) with any kind of psychological or behavioral problems. The therapeutic sessions are conductedonce or twice a week depending upon the need of client and availability of professional. SAY Global also facilitates community by giving both in-person and online therapy sessions. Our Psych-Community Services Fee (per session) is 700/- PKR. We also have special consideration in some cases for those individuals who cannot afford the said fee.

SAY Counseling Services

SAY Global Foundation aims to provide mental health services in collaborating with different ORGANIZATIONS by the name of project “SAY Counseling Services”. It has following aims:
• Our organization aims to uplift mental health status in our Pakistani community.
• We always ensure in providing high standards services to everyone.
• SAY Counseling Services purely design to provide quality services “Free of Cost” on humanitarian grounds where necessary.
• Our highly qualified and experienced team of Clinical Psychologists will provide counseling services by keeping in view all moral and professional ethics.

Parenting Improvement Program

Parents are facing many challenges in terms of their young children who are either born withspecial needs or develop such needs in their developmental years. This project includes training workshops and research-based interventions for parents whose children are suffering from neurodevelopmental disorders, behavioural issues, or any serious or chronic medical illnesses.Parents often seek out these programs to help them develop skills, learn problem-solving approaches, or receive support because of the challenges they face in carrying out the type of parenting they wish to provide. Through thesetraining workshops parents will recognize that their child’s characteristics may demand specialskills in addition to the general knowledge, attitudes, and practices needed by parents. Parenting workshops are not only for those who are facing issue in managing their child; it is equally useful for everyone who wants to be a better parent.

Teacher Training Initiative

Teacher is a building block of our society. After parents, teachers are the one who plays an integral part in shaping child’s behavior and they are the ones who prepare new generation. SAY Global has launched teacher training courses and workshops to be able to aid teachers to be betters trainers and coaches.