Society for Conservation and Sustainability of Environment

Conservation & Sustainability of Environment

Changes in environment directly effect us and will effect more to our future generations. This purpose of this project is to conserve the environment and take such sustainable  initiatives which will help to maintain a safe and healthier environment. 

In this way we can we can make this world a safe and happy place for all the living species on this planet Earth. 

Currently we are focusing on  plantation and reduction in plastic usage. 

Projects of SCSE:

Aid to Society

Green Force

This initiative focuses on the increase in the plantation at national and global level. In this project we are focusing on two areas of plantation 1. Urban forests and 2. Plantation of Fruit trees/ plants.

Limit Plastic Use

This project is about limiting the plastic use. Helping society and industries to reduce the plastic waste , encouraging less plastic use and advocate for innovative product design to control the plastic in the ecosystem.

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