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Dr. Hina Rana

Qualification: PhD (Clinical Psych.), MS Clinical Psych., BS-Hons Clinical Psych.

Experience: More than 10 years 

Areas of Expertise: First person in Pakistan who specialized in Integrated treatment (Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Stuttering Therapy), Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Couple/Marital Therapy. Expert in Individual and Group Therapy. 

Disorders: Deal with all kind of psychological issues occur during childhood, adolescent age and in adulthood. Also deal with stuttering/stammering problem.

Fee/session: 3000 PKR

Ms. Munnazah Akhtar

Qualification: MS-SLP

Experience: 4 years

Area of expertise: Articulation disorders, speech sound disorders, language disorders, fluency disorders, voice disorders, resonance disorders, cleft lip and palate disorders, hearing impairment

Disorders / problems deal with: Stammering, cluttering, Aphasia, voice disorders, Dysphagia, speech sound disorders, cleft lip and palate disorders, hearing impairment, language processing disorders, articulation disorders, autism, down syndrome, ADHD

Fee/session: 2500 PKR

Ms. Amber Gizaal Roshan



AREAS of Expertise: 

1: Stammering 

2: Articulation Disorder

3: Hearing Impairment


4: speech and language Delay.

Fee/session: 2000 PKR