Mental Health Consultations

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Mental Health is important; a doorway to a BETTER LIFE

Mental Health Development Program is a project of SAY Global. Here we having projects like 

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SAY Global is the poineer of starting Group Speech Therpay in Pakistan 

Stammer Talk – Dedicated to Individuals Who Stammer (IWS). A community for IWS. SAY Global for the first time in Pakistan started Group Speech Therpay (GST). It is a combination of Speech Therpay and Psychotherapy. It has amazing results. IWS becoming fearless and confident. GST is enabling IWS to unlock their real potential and maintain smooth speech. 

Monthly Self Help Support Group Sessions are also conducted for connecting IWS in solving day to day issues. 

Smooth Speech – The Individual Speech Therpay (IST) is available for children and adults for a number of speech and language disorders like Toddler/Child Speech Disorders,Adult Speech Disorders, Language Disorder / Delay,Early Childhood Development,Speech Sound Disorders, Stuttering and Fluency, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Reading Readiness, Accent Modification, Speech Delay, Lisp, Apraxia, Social Skills, Dysarthria, Dementia, Voice Disorders, Aphasia, Post Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease.

For Group Speech Thepray (GST) for stammering and Individual Speech Therpay (IST) clink the buttons below for more information. 

Stammering\ Stuttering awareness projects and campaigns:

SAY Global is a member of International Stuttering Association (ISA)