What we do

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What we do 

SAY Global is helping solve speech impediment and mental health issues in society by breaking stigma, providing access to treatment and creating support communities. 

Since our foundation we have done multiple stigma breaking and awareness campaigns and programs. 

In Pakistan, we  are pioneers of starting Group Speech Therapy. We also initiated Mental Health support groups in Pakistan. 



In the following information about different programs is shared 

Information about our Group Speech Therapy (GST)

How we are changing lives testimonial

Information about SAY Cure Services

Our Awareness Campaign for Mental Health 

Our Awareness Campaign for Speech Impediment

Information about our My Support Group program

Reviews on our Mental Health Support Group sessions

An episode of our Stammerers of Pakistan series where we highlight individuals who stammer

Story of a Girl who Stammers

Testimonial on our Individuals Who Stutter support groups

Our shinning star fighting with her Impediment

This how we are changing lives

This how we are changing lives

This how we are changing lives

Our courageous individuals who stammer start their own businesses